China Best Sales 3 Electrode Spark Plug A7tc for Pit Dirt Bike ATV Quad Go Kart Moped Motorcycle for European Market Cross to Bcsch Nok, Brisk near me shop

Product Description

3 Electrode Spark Plug A7TC for Pit Dirt Bike ATV Quad Go Kart Moped Motocycle



High performance triple electrode which provides better and more efficient combustion and boost overall performance with easy starting.


item number is A7TC.



Replace CZPT #: U22FS-U U16FS-U U16FS-UB U16FSR-UB U20FS-U U20FSR-U U22FSR-U

Replace Champion #: PZ7HS Z10 Z12 Z8 Z9Y


This plug is suitable for many types of 4 stroke bikes, quads, go carts etc.

Fits GY6 50cc-150cc engines,50cc-125cc horizontal engines.

will fit all Chinese brands, such as TaoTao, Buyang, Roketa, Coolsport, NST, BMX, Kazuma, Sunl, AIM-EX, Baja, Panterra, Kymco, Carroll Stream Eagle etc and various unlisted makes/models.


Material : Aluminum

Thread: M10x1
Reach: 12.7 mm
Hex: 16mm
Seat Type: Flat
Gap: 1.1mm
Heat Range: 7
Electrode Type: J Type
Style Resistor


Package includes  5pcs spark plug, please check the size for compatibility before ordering it, you will receive exactly what you see on the picture.

Details about NOK C7HSA:
  • Threaddiameter: 10mm
  • Threadreach: 12.7mm
  • Seattype: flat
  • Hexsize: 16mm
  • Tipconfiguration: projected
  • Construction: Special design
  • Terminaltype: Threaded-Terminal

Originale Zündkerze für 99% aller China 4-Taktroller. NOK Zündkerzen werden weltweit in sämtlichen Fahrzeugkategorien verbaut. 

Vom Originalmotor bis hin zum Rennsport, ist NGK einer der Tophersteller für Zündkerzen. Und es ist wichtig eine hochwertige und vor allem passende Zündkerze zu verbauen, da die Kosten für einen Motorschaden in keiner Relation zum Preis einer CZPT Zündkerze stehen. 

Der richtige Wärmewert ist das wichtigste bei der Wahl der Zündkerze. Eine zu heiße Kerze hat unter Umständen einen Motorschaden zur Folge und eine zu kalte kann zum ständigen Verrußen der Kerze führen. Daher ist es wichtig bei ungetunten Morten immer deren gleichen Wärmewert wie den der Originalkerze zu benutzen. 

Bei Sport und Racingmotoren ist es ratsam eine etwas kältere Kerze zu verwenden. 

Diese Zündkerze kann auch noch an Stelle folgender Kerzen benutzt werden:
- Beru 10 FR-4 AU
- Bcsch UR3AS
- Champion RZ96C
- China A7TC

für China Roller Quad Kart GY6 50cc 125cc 150cc 


für viele 4-Takt Roller / Motortyp 139QMA/B & 152QMI & GY6



Activator125, Air Tec125, Cat125, GTA125, GTA150, Mirage125, Noble125, Noble150, CZPT Bike125, Vanguard125, Virtuality125


AEON: Cobra125


AGM: GMX450, GMX450 Sport, GMX550,



Explorer City Star, City Star (YY50QT), Formula2

  • Bcsch 571105
  • Bcsch U260T1
  • Bcsch U3AC
  • Bcsch U4AC
  • Bcsch UR3AS
  • Brisk 1541
  • Brisk 1551
  • Brisk NAR14YC
  • Brisk NAR14YS
  • Champion P-RZ7HC
  • Champion P-Z7HC
  • Champion PRZ7HCT10
  • Champion PZ7HC
  • Champion Z7HC
  • Champion Z8
  • Champion Z9Y
  • Champion CZPT 808
    • Denso 4
    • Hitachi L13W
    • Honda 98056-57713
    • Honda 98056-57713-
    • Yamaha 94703-05716
    • Yamaha 94703-05714

    Spark plug for Chinese ATVs, Scooters-Mopeds, Dirt-Bikes and Go Karts.

    This NOK (4629) C7HSA spark plug is the replacement part for many 4-stroke Chinese  atvs, dirt bikes, go-karts and scooters. This plug fits 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 100cc, 110cc, 125cc, and 150cc models.

    NGK is the "Gold Standard" in spark plugs.  If you search on the internet, you'll find many articles about unscrupulous vendors selling fake NOK plugs.  Purchased directly from the factory, all of our NOK plugs are guaranteed authentic.

    Plug description:

    • Thread size: 10mm
    • Hex size: 5/8" (16mm)
    • Reach:  1/2" (12.7mm)
    • Gap: .571" (0.7mm)
    • Brand: NGK Standard Plug
    • Compatible with 50cc-125cc 4 stroke 


    1) Multi-ribbed insulator eliminates flashover.
    2) 95% pure alumina insulator, Great mechanic and electronic features, superb insulation.
    3) Nickel plated housing prevents oxidation and corrosion, Heat crimping process ensures absolute air-tight fit.
    4) Inner sealing with conductive glass ensures a fine conductivity and sealing.
    5) Multi-layer gaskets have strong elasticity and reliable in sealing.
    6) Copper core electrode vastly improves heat dissipation and prevents dangerous, overheating of the engine.
    7) Good electricity and heat conductivity, Long spark plug service life.


    10 pieces/ box, 400 pieces/CTN, also customized


    1. Competitive Price and High Quality
    2. Strict Inspection System
    3. Factory's price/Wholesaler price
    4. Quality Choices: High, Medium, Normal quality

    Q: How many years is your company in spark plugs?
    A: Our Company started since 1992, there is about 25 years history for us in this field.
    Q: Are you trading company or factory?
    A: We are a factory located in HangZhou, HangZhou, ZHangZhoug, China. 
    Q: What's the MOQ?
    A: 10000 piece per order.
    Q: What about the delivery time?
    A: Within a week for the goods if it the goods are in stock, if not the goods need to be manufactured based on your order.

    If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to offer you help to build friendly cooperation with you!

    The OEM spark plugs are available:

    For Toyota
    9571-01253 SC20HR11,9571-01247 FK20HR11,9571-01210 SK20R11, 9571-01191 SK20HR11,9571-01164 K16RU11,9571-01176 K16R-U,9571-01166 K20R-U,9571-01178 PK20R11,9571-01184 K20R-U11,9571-01192 K16TR11,9571-01235 K20HR-U11,9571-01194 PK20TR11,9571-01198 K20TR11,9571-01221 SK20BGR11,9571-01240 SK16R11,9571-T1004 K20HR-U11,9571-01230 SK20BR11,9571-01233 SK16HR11,9571-01235 K20HR-U11,9571-01217 SK16R11,9571-01249 FK20HBR11,90048-51188 SXU22PR9 .9571-YZZAE K16-U11 ,9571-YZZAC Q20-11,9571-01284 FK16BR-AL8,9571-01265 FK16R-A8, 9571-01275 SC16HR11
    For Denso
    IK16 5303,IK20 5304,IK20G 5352,IK22 5310,IKH16 5343,IKH20 5344,IKH22 5345,IK20L 5358,IK16TT 4701,IK20TT 4702,IKH20TT 4704,IXEH22TT 4712,VK20G 3439,VK20Y 5641,VK20 5620,VKH20 5604,VKH16 5617,PK20R11 3128,PK20PR11 3168,FK20HR11 3426,FXE20HR11 5618,SC20HR11 3444,SK20HR11 3421,SK20R11 3297,IK20TT 4702,IKH16TT 4703,IXEH22TT 4712
    For NGK
    ZFR6FGP 7100,BKR6EGP 7092,BKR5EGP 7090,LFR5AGP 5018,LTR5GP 5019,DCPR7EGP 1682,BKR6EQUP 3199,BKR6E-11 2756,BKR5E-11 6953,DCPR7E 3932,BPR6ES 7822,BKR6EYA-11 4195,BKR5EYA-11 4194,BKR6EKB-11 4198,BKR-GAS 7987 ,DILFR6D11 6176,ILTR5A-13G 3811,LZKAR6AP-11 6643,IZFR6K11 6994,PZFR6R 5758,IZFR6K-11S 5266, IZFR6K13 6774,ZFR5FIX-11 3145,ZFR6FIX-11 3668,DCPR7EIX 3144,BKR5EIX-11 3184,LFR6AIX-11 5416,LFR5AIX-11 6708,SILFR6A11 5468,PLFR5A-11 6240,PFR6G-11 5555,LZFR6A1 3656,DILKAR6A11 9571,ILKAR7B11 4912,ILZKR7A 1961,BK6EIX-11 3764,LFR5AIX-11 4469,BPR6EIX-11 3665,BKR5EIX 1159,BPR6EIX 3484,BKR6EIX 2272,PFR6Q 6458,PFR6N-11 3546,BKR5EIX-11 5464,PFR6W-TG 5547,PZFR6R 5758,BKR5EIX 6341,IZFR6K-13 6774 ,PZFR5N-11 7742,IFR5J-11 7418,IFR6J-11 7658,IFR7G-11KS 7746,BPR6EIX 6637,LZKAR6AP-11 6643,LFR6AIX-11 6619,ILZKR7B-11S ,SILZKR7B11 97789 
    For Ford
    SP-515 PZH14H,SP-414,SP-411 AYFS22FM ,SP-432 AGSF32FM,SP-493 AGSF32PM,SP-479 AGSF22WM,SP-500 AGSF22FM.SP-509 HJFS-24-FP,SP-537 CYFS-12Y-2, SP-530 AYFS-32-R,SP-515 PZH14H
    For Bulck
    41-962,41-110 12621258,41-114 12622441,41-101 ITR4A15(12568387),41-103 IL7R5B11(12598004),41-108 ILTR5D(12620540),41-109 12622561,41-985
    For Nissan
    22401-1P116 PFR6G11,22401-5M015 PLFR5A-11 ,22401-5M016 PLFR5A-11,22401-1KC1C DILKA7C9H,22401-8H515 LFR5A-11,22401-ED71B FXE20HE11,22401-CK81B LZKAR6AP-11,22401-ED815 LZKAR6AP-11,22401-EW61C FXE22HR11,22401-JA01B DILKAR6A-11,22401-JD01B FXE20HR11
    22401-1VA1C DILAR7D11H,22401-50Y05 BKR5E-11,22401-50Y06 BKR6E-11,22401-20J06 BKR6E,22401-1KT1B DILKAR6A11
    For Honda
    12290-R62-H01  IZFR6K11NS,12290-5A2-H01 DILKAR6A-11 ,12290-R48-H01  ILZKR7B-11S,9807B-5617W IZFR6K-11,12290-R1A-H01 DXU22HCR-D11S,9807B-56A7W IZFR6K13,12290-R70-H01 NILZKR7B11,9807B-561BW IZFR6K-11S
    For Mazda
    L3Y2-18-110 ILTR5A-13G,L3Y4-18-110 ITR6F13,RE5R-18-110 ILKAR7L11,ZJ46-18-110 SK16PR-E13,LFJD-18-110 LTR5BI-13,BP01-18-110 BKR5E-11 ,PE5S-18-110 ZC20HPR11
    For Sobaru
    22401-AA570 PFR5B-11,22401-AA630 ILFR6B,22401-AA731 SIFR6A-11,22401-AA670 SILFR6A,22401-AA720 SILFR6A-11,22401-AA750 SILFR6C11,22401-AA530 PFR6G
    For Mitsubishi
    1822A002 IFR6B-K,1822A571 ILFR7H ,MD376962 PK16PR11,1822A030 K16PSR-B8,MN158596 LZFR6A1,MN163235 FR5EI,MN163236 FR6EI,MN163807 K20PSR-B8,MS851346 PFR6M.MS851368 BKR6E,MS851357 BKR5E-11,MS851336 BKR6EGP,MS851358 BKR6E-11,MR984943 SK20PR-A8
    For Hyundai
    18855-10060 LZKR6B-10E,18855-10080 SILZKR6B-11,K18814-11051 BKR5ES-11,18840-11051 ILFR5B-11 ,27410-37100 PFR5N,18841-11051 LFR5A-11,18846-11070 SILZKR7B-11,27410-37100 PFR5N,18814-11051 BKR5ES-11,18846-10070 SILZKR7B-11,18855-10060 LZKR6B-10E,18841-11051 LFR5A-11,18817-11051 LZKR6B-10E
    For BMW
    12 12 0 037 244 ZGR6STE2,12 12 0 037 580 ZR5TPP33,12 12 0 037 582  ZR5EPP33-S,12 12 0 037 607 BR6EQUP,12 12 0 039 664 SILZKBR8D8S,12 12 0 037 663 LZFR6AP11GS,12 12 2 158 252 IZFR6H11,12 12 2 158 252 FR7KPP332,12 12 2 158 253 PLZFR6A-11S,12 12 0 035 933, 12 12 0 034 098,12 12 2 158 253 FR7NPP332
    For Mercedes-benz
    A 26  YR7MPP33,A 26 F8DPP33,A  PLKR7A,A 64  KC10PYPB4, 26 ,4403, 26,A   Z6S113320
    For Volkswagen
    04C 905 616 ,03C 905 601 ,04E 905 612,06H 905 604  BKR8EQUA,06E 905 611 F7KPP332U,06H 905 611 ,AA  BKU6ET-10,HJ BKR6EKUB,AA PFR6Q,AA BUR6ET,AB PZFR5D-11,G PFR8S8EG,B PFR6W-TG,06H 905 601A PFR7S8EG,  ILZKR7A,A F7KPP332U, PZFR6R,H
    For Land Rcver
    LR005253 IFR5N-10,LR0571 ILFR6B,LR571605 CYFS12YPS,LR032080 ILKARC10,NLP15710 NLP15710,LR000604 AGSF24N
    For Vclvo
    8692071 ,30650843 ,8692072,3571806,3571805,3571130,3571130

    Types of Ball Bearings

    Modern ball bearing configurations have different materials and geometries to meet the demands of different working environments and applications. There are different types of ball bearings: single row deep groove, double-row deep groove, angular contact ball bearing, thrust, and self-aligning. Let us look at the differences between each type and learn why they are important for various purposes. Listed below are some of the most common types of ball bearings.

    Miniature bearings

    Although miniature ball bearings are a popular choice for small mechanical components, they are not without their challenges. They must be properly lubricated and stored in clean rooms. A strand of hair could ruin a miniature bearing. Fortunately, manufacturers offer lubrication services and a "Clean Room" for customers to store their miniature bearings safely. Read on to learn more about these small bearings and how they can help you.
    The size of a miniature ball bearing can vary significantly, but most types of these devices are available in sizes ranging from.040 inch to 1 eighth of an inch. Whether you need a small ball bearing for a miniature car or a tiny instrument, a miniature bearing can save space while still offering high performance. Many of these bearings are shielded to prevent dirt from entering and leakage of lubricant. They can be flanged or unflanged, and some miniature ball bearings have extended inner rings that are designed for easy plate mounting.
    Miniature ball bearings are commonly made from stainless steel or chrome steel. Both metals have their advantages. Stainless steel is the most popular material for ball bearings, which allows for a high load capacity while being quiet. Because stainless steel is relatively inexpensive, many small instrument bearings are made entirely of stainless steel. The difference in price is minimal, as the amount of steel is relatively small. Stainless steel miniature bearings are the smallest and lightest of all types of miniature ball bearings.

    Self-aligning ball bearings

    In the simplest terms, self-aligning ball bearings are ball bearings with flex shafts. If you're looking for a ball bearing with a high degree of precision, you'll want to choose 1 with a flex shaft, which means it can adjust to the proper orientation of the bearing's flex shaft. Ball bearings with flex shafts are also recommended. But, what are these bearings?
    Self-aligning ball bearings are made with 2 rows of balls and a common sphered raceway on the outer ring. As a result, they can accommodate small errors in shaft alignment and mounting. The CZPT brand is especially suitable for high-speed applications requiring greater running accuracy. The self-alignment mechanism is enabled by the fact that the balls are placed in 2 rows on either side of the sphered raceway in the outer ring. These 2 rows of balls also promote reduced friction and wear.
    Another type of self-aligning ball bearings is a double-row design. They feature a common sphered raceway on the outer ring, a hollow spherical ring, and a cage that rotates relative to it. A self-aligning ball bearing is used in applications where shaft misalignment is a problem, such as conveying equipment. They are also used in simple woodworking machinery and ventilators.

    Ceramic ball bearings

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    Hybrid ball bearings are also available. Hybrid bearings feature traditional metal rings and silicon nitride (ceramic) balls. Hybrid bearings offer important performance advantages over all-steel bearings, and they are more affordable. However, full ceramic ball bearings have all ceramic parts, and are best suited for machines that require high precision. These types of bearings also resist corrosion and wear.
    Compared to steel ball bearings, ceramic balls are lighter than steel. They are also less dense, which means less friction and therefore less heat. Additionally, ceramic balls operate at higher speeds than steel balls, which increases their durability and longevity. But they are still not as strong as steel bearings. And because of their reduced density, they are much cheaper to manufacture. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for many applications. You can expect them to last much longer than steel bearings.

    Steel carbon ball bearings

    High precision G25 ball bearings are made of the highest grade chrome steel and hot forged from bar stock. Statistical process control and exacting atmospheres help ensure uniform hardness and microstructure. Moreover, these bearings are of the highest quality, with fine surface finish and a tight tolerance. This makes them the most widely used and reliable choice for industrial and automotive applications. However, there are some considerations that should be taken into account before acquiring a steel carbon ball bearing.
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    Plastic ball bearings are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and offer a long service life. In addition to their low price, they can be easily cleaned and are incredibly durable. Motion plastics specialist igus has recently expanded its range of xiros polymer grooved ball bearings. These bearings are also FDA-compliant, lubricant-free, electrically insulating, and resistant to both temperature and media.
    Plastic bearings are often mounted into other components like wheels, pulleys, and housings. In this way, the inner ring is essentially a profile of the pulley's profile, and the outer ring is a shaft or fixing clip. The result is seamless integration of the bearing and the surrounding parts, which reduces the overall assembly time and costs. You can also use multiple plastic ball bearings in 1 application for more options.

    China Best Sales 3 Electrode Spark Plug A7tc for Pit Dirt Bike ATV Quad Go Kart Moped Motorcycle for European Market Cross to Bcsch Nok, Brisk     near me shop China Best Sales 3 Electrode Spark Plug A7tc for Pit Dirt Bike ATV Quad Go Kart Moped Motorcycle for European Market Cross to Bcsch Nok, Brisk     near me shop