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Product Description

      Agricultural  underwater lawn mower aquatic weed harvester floating boat harvester for pond cleaning

The aquatic weed harvester is a special mower for shrimps and crabs. The use of mechanical automation will cut all the various water plants in the pond about 1 meter below the water surface and salvage them ashore, which is a good way to improve the breeding environment of shrimps and crabs. The whole machine includes a foam hull, a propeller, a scissor part, and a conveying part; the main engine is operated, and the propeller pushes the foam hull forward to cut the grass under the water at 1 time and salvage it ashore.

1Using the strength galvanized three-knife design, the mowing efficiency is higher!
2 The blade is enlarged (height: 1 m, width 1.7 m);
3 It can easily cut underwater water plants, CZPT leaves, reeds, water hyacinth, etc.
4The hull is added with color steel plate, which is more durable!
5 The foam in the hull is upgraded to high density, and the foam enters less water!
6The boat is divided into 2 sections, each section is equipped with a handle for easy transportation!

The main function
1. Labor saving: The working efficiency of 1 machine is equivalent to the working efficiency of 30 people
2. Easy to transfer: under the premise of ensuring the rigidity of the lawnmower, the weight is reduced as much as possible to facilitate the manual lifting of the turning pond
3. Unique design: reduce the distance between the scissors part and the conveying part to prevent the cut grass from falling into the pond.
4. Easy to disassemble: The scissors part, conveying part and foam hull can be easily disassembled for maintenance and conveying. The main shaft is not welded.
5. Reduce water inflow and extend service life: The steel pipe of the conveying rack is completely closed, and water cannot enter the steel pipe, which can reduce rust and thus prolong service life
6, easy to use: insert 48V battery pack, you can easily use the switch

Application scenario


Detailed Parts


Product Package
2 meters 3 knives stainless steel river cleaning machine host+ foam ship+ power plate
River cleaning machine host parameters
Dimension Host machine2M*2M(L*W)
Three knives 2 meters horizontal knife, 0.6 meter vertical knife
Underwater mowing depth 60-70 cm
Material Blades, chains, straw tubes, frame, Bearing use stainless steel
Weight About 300kg
Operating hours Full power can work for 6-8 hours
Host battery 32A 48V motor 500W
Foam ship
2 meters wide, 4.8 meters long, 0.2 meters high. It consists of 4 sections, each weighing about 40 kg, which can be assembled.
At the same time with a strong board to protect the surface of the ship, stepping on it will not be hot.
Propeller Gasoline propeller

1. Save labor: the work efficiency of 1 machine is equivalent to the work efficiency of 30 people;
2. Convenient transportation: On the premise of ensuring the rigidity of the lawn mower, the weight is reduced as much as possible, so that the turning pond can be easily lifted manually.
3. Unique design: reduce the distance between the scissors part and the conveying part to prevent the cut grass from falling into the pond.
4. Convenient disassembly: The scissors part, the conveying part, and the foam hull can all be disassembled and repaired conveniently, and the conveying spindle is not welded.
5. Reduce water ingress and prolong service life: The steel pipe of the conveying frame is fully enclosed, and water cannot enter the steel pipe, which can reduce rust and extend the service life.
6. Easy to use: Insert a 48V battery pack and press the switch to use it easily.

Maintenance precautions
1. During use, lubricate each part of the bearing
2. The moving part of the knife rod is lubricated with oil every month, which makes it smoother when used.
3.Electrical parts to prevent water from entering.

Company profile                                                   

Relong Environment Technology Co., Ltd.  is located in HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province. It is a company dedicated to intelligent robots, ship design, water transportation equipment, marine water quality and ecological environment testing, salvage services; industrial automatic control system devices, radar and supporting equipment, communication equipment, which is a high-tech enterprise integrating sales and artificial intelligence software development, including consulting, design, production, installation, and operation management.

Relong has built cooperation with colleges and scientific research institutes like  The CZPT University of China, ZheJiang Ship Design Institute and ZheJiang University. And CZPT has numerous research and development platforms including Provincial-Level Industrial Design Center, Provincial-Level "Enterprise & Technology" Development Center, Municipal Engineering Research Center And Engineering Laboratory. CZPT has a number of independent intellectual property rights, including 33 National Patents, 2 Scientific And Technological Achievements that have reached the international grade and 1 reached China advanced level. CZPT has won several first prices in Provincial Technical Innovation Outstanding Achievements And Technology Innovation Outstanding New Product, Technology Progress Award, etc.

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1.How long does the machine guarantee?
We guarantee 1 year for non-human damaged factor. 
2.After service?
Engineers available to come to your factory for supplying training and installation.
3.How to control the quality?
We have professional Engineer and inspector make sure that each part of machine working well before shipment.
4.How to contact you?
You could contact us via TM, Skype, Whatsapp, Wechat, QQ, Email
5.What about payment term?
T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Cash, L/C, Trade Assurance, etc..
6.Are you a manufacturer or Trade company?
We are a professional manufacturer holding our own International Trade Department,for that we can better understand customer's needs and offer a reasonable price.  


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What is the purpose of the bushing? They play an important role in the operation of various mechanical parts. Their main functions include reducing the clearance between the shaft and the bearing and reducing the leakage of the valve. Bushings are used in different ways to ensure smooth operation and longevity. However, some new designers don't appreciate the functionality of the case. So let's discuss these features. Some of their most common applications are listed below.
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When buying enclosures, you should know how they are used. Unlike ball bearings, bushings should be stored upright so that they are in the correct working position. This is because horizontal placement can cause air bubbles to form in the fill insulation. It is also important to store the bushing properly to prevent damage. The wrong way to store these components can result in costly repairs.
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The RIG 3 Bushing Durability Test Standard simulates real-world service conditions for automotive bushings. This three-channel test standard varies casing loads and stresses by applying a range of different load conditions and various control factors. This test is critical to the durability of the case, as it accurately reproduces the dynamic loads that occur during normal use. This test is a key component of the automotive industry and is widely used in many industries.
The Advanced Casing Model has 5 modules to address asymmetry, nonlinearity, and hysteresis. This model also represents the CZPT lag model. The model can be parameterized in the time domain using MATLAB, and the results can be exported to other simulation software. The developed bushing model is a key component in the durability and performance of vehicle suspension components.
A conductive material is coated on the inner surface of the sleeve. The coating is chosen to conduct a certain amount of current. The conductive path extends from the blade spacer 126 to the sleeve projecting edge 204 and then through the housing 62 to the ground. The coating is made of a low friction material and acts as a wear surface against the bushing sidewall 212 and the housing 62 .
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Once the bushing is positioned, use a vise to install its nut. A cold bushing will compress and fit the shell better. Place the sleeve in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours to aid installation. After removing the bushing from the refrigerator, make sure it has enough diameter to fit into the enclosure. Next, place the opposite socket into the enclosure and use it as a stand. After a few minutes, the bushing should be fully seated in the housing.
Install the new bushing into the housing hole. If the previous 1 had a metal case, insert the new 1 through the taper. Always lubricate the inner and outer surfaces of the bushing. Then, apply pressure to the inner metal sleeve of the new bushing. You may notice that the new bushing does not exactly match the housing hole. However, that's okay because the outer diameter of the bushing is larger than the outer diameter of the hub drive.
The installation of the bushing requires the use of the hydraulic unit 16 . Hydraulic unit 16 is located near the #1 journal of the camshaft and extends from #2 to #7. Hydraulic fluid forces piston 22 away from the outer end of cylinder 20 and pushes shaft 14 forward. The shaft is then moved forward, pushing the bushing 17 onto the piston. Multiple bushings can be installed in a single engine.

China high quality Tiny Automatic Weed Harvester with Spare Parts for Remove Weed/Electric Weed Harvester     with Best SalesChina high quality Tiny Automatic Weed Harvester with Spare Parts for Remove Weed/Electric Weed Harvester     with Best Sales